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The length of conventional charging cables is usually impractical. The Smartbag offers a device for storing an electronic device (mobile phone, smartphone, MP3 player, smartwatch, etc.) directly near the power source during charging.

The Smartbag is a plastic bag that is hooked onto the power socket and fixed in place by means of the charging cable plug. Now the electronic device can stay safely in the plastic bag during charging.

Short description of the invention

The pocket-like receptacle ensures that devices of various formats can be accommodated in it. The Smartbag is attached to the top bar by means of a hooking device in the protective contact socket, whereby the hooking device locks with the lower vertically arranged contact springs of the protective conductor. Thereby, the horizontally arranged contact sockets of the socket remain free for the insertion of a flat plug, so that an external charger with a flat plug can be connected to this socket without any problems.

The device thus supports itself in the plug receptacle in a lower area and overlaps the contact spring. This means that even comparatively heavy devices can be picked up in the smartbag and a horizontal pull-out of the suspension device is not possible.

Advantages of the invention


Charger with flat plug

Unlike docking stations, which are designed for specific devices, the Smartbag can be used for all charging cables.

Chargers from different manufacturers can be connected as long as they have a flat plug


The device is securely trapped in the pocket-like receptacle. The chamfers on the sides and bottom serve to stabilise the electronic device.

The attachment directly in the socket ensures that the smartbag is held securely.

Optimised cable routing

The integration of a slot or aperture is ideal for hanging or passing through the charging cable. This is sufficient for routing the charger cable.

Steps or protrusions on the inside of the smartbag ensure that the electronic device does not rest directly on the charger.

Design & creation

The Smartbag can be designed in many different ways. Whether a discreet design for the workplace or a strikingly colourful design, e.g. for the private living area. There are no limits to colour and shape, as long as the hold in the socket is guaranteed.

Moreover, the smartbag can also function as an advertising medium and carry logos and messages, for example.

Area of Application

Problem solution: Smartbag

Electronic devices can usually only recharge their batteries via external charging cables. Often the charging cables are too long or too short. Then constructions have to be found how the device can still be plugged into the available socket. Or the charging cable gets tangled and untangling it is a time-consuming undertaking.

The Smartbag brings order to this chaos because the device is placed in the immediate vicinity of the socket. This facilitates the charging process enormously and the associated cable tangle does not take place. The frequent search for the device is also eliminated because it can be found directly under the socket in the Smartbag.

It can be used at home in a private environment, in the office or even in a workshop. The Smartbag provides ideal storage everywhere during the charging process.



The Smartbag is inexpensive to manufacture. Since it has no undercuts, it is also possible to produce tools at low cost. Thus, we are in the lower price segment of the existing holders.
As the prototype shows, the function cannot be topped and the possibility of using it as an advertising medium is given.

3D Visualisations


Property Right

Utility Model

Type of protection:GER utility model
Registration number: 20 2016 003 393
Date of registration: 01.06.2016

Main claim:Device for storing an electronic appliance having a rechargeable battery, such as a mobile phone, a smartphone or the like, in particular during a charging process, characterized in that a pocket-like receptacle (2) is provided for at least partially receiving the appliance, in that a web (4) is connected on the upper side to the receptacle (2), and in that the web (4) has on the upper side a suspension device (6) for suspension in a protective contact socket, the suspension device (6) leaving the contact sockets of the protective contact socket free for the insertion of a flat plug.

List of reference signs:(1) fixture, (2) receptacle, (3) back wall, (4) web, (6) suspension device, (7) rounding, (8) slot, (9) lug, (10) crossbar, (12) slot, (13) perforation, (14) tip, (15) receptacle, (16) fixture, (17) flaring



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